Get popular tool incident updates in Slack

Get updates about your favorite tools' incidents using this simple tip.


We've all been there - our favorite tools encounter issues, causing disruptions in our downstream tasks. Whether it's Github Actions failing to operate or Intercom experiencing a major outage, initially, you sense something is amiss but aren't entirely certain. In this blog post, I'll guide you on how to subscribe to their status page.

Note: This method is compatible only with companies utilizing Atlassian's Statuspage, which is one of the most widely used platforms for this purpose.
First Step: Access Your Tool's Status Page

Begin by navigating to your tool's status page. You can typically find it by searching for "X status page," such as "Github status page." For example, this is Github's status page:

Second Step: Opt-In for Updates

Next, opt-in for updates. Companies utilizing Atlassian's Statuspage offer a built-in subscription feature. You can subscribe through various methods like email or even a phone call, but my preferred method is through Slack. To do so, locate the subscribe button and click on the Slack icon:

Once the window opens, select "Subscribe via Slack." This will direct you to Slack's consent screen.

Final Step: Authorize the Statuspage Slack Bot

On the Slack consent screen, carefully review the permissions and grant the bot access to a dedicated channel. The Statuspage bot will then post messages to this channel.

That's it! Now the Statuspage Bot will notify you via Slack whenever there's a production incident with your favorite tools.


By utilizing this straightforward trick, you can enhance your response time and streamline your processes by receiving notifications as soon as your vendors acknowledge an issue.

Dudu Lasry
March 30, 2024